Nightfall, Yeppoon

This is the Main Beach at Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia, at nightfall.

Nightfall - The main beach at Yeppoon

Nightfall – The main beach at Yeppoon

Ross Creek at King Tide

During my visit to Yeppoon situated in Queensland, Australia, an event known as King Tide was occurring. King Tide is a term which originated in Australia to describe an especially high tide, and occurs a couple of times a year. This particular one was rumoured to be an extra high tide and warnings were put out that flooding  could be expected in some areas. However these tides fell short of the five metre height, but were still spectacular.

On this occasion I visited Ross Creek to record the King Tide. Normally I would have gone either much earlier, or later, to get the better light. If I had have gone then I would have missed the tide. These images were taken between 10am and 10.30am when the tide was almost at its height.

Ross Creek during King Tide

Ross Creek during King Tide

Ross Creek, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

Ross Creek at King Tide #2

Ross Creek, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

Ross Creek at King Tide #3 – At low tide these boats would be sitting on the sandy bottom.

Sunset at Yeppoon

We all like a nice sunset; it’s the time of day we get to take our best images (other than sunrise). And we all want some nice fluffy clouds to reflect the colours. But, I must say this is one of the most unusual cloud formations I have photographed. I could have called this post The Claw – but that sounded more like a B-grade horror movie.

Sunset at Yeppoon - The Claw

Sunset at Yeppoon – The Claw

Ross Creek

Ross Creek is on the outskirts of the small coastal town of Yeppoon in central Queensland, Australia. For recreational fishermen it is a favourite spot; it is a safe mooring place for boat owners.

These images were taken at low tide.

Ross Creek - At low tide

Ross Creek – At low tide

Ross Creek #2 – At low tide

Morning at Yeppoon

I have just returned from visiting family in Queensland. I was born and grew up in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. While living there I spent many hours visiting the nearby beach at Yeppoon. The following images are of the Main Beach taken on my early morning walk.

Main Beach, Yeppoon

Main Beach, Yeppoon

Main Beach #2, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

Mount Jim Crow

Mount Jim Crow, which lies between Rockhampton and Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia, can be easily seen from the Capricorn Highway. It stands about 200 metres above the surrounding plains. Each time I pass it I feel it has a mystical attraction.

The Department of National Parks for the Queensland Government web site describes it as:

An impressive trachyte plug from a long extinct volcano with dry rainforest on the lower slopes and emergent hoop pines at the summit.

Mount Jim Crow, Queensland, Australia

Mount Jim Crow – Formed over 70 million years ago as basaltic lava solidified under a volcano

First Light…Last Light

As photographers we know that light plays an important part when we make our picture. Personally I find the light best just as the sun rises over the horizon or just before it disappears in the west. At these times it covers the world in a reddish glow.

Causeway Lake, Sunrise, Queensland, Australia

First Light – At the Causeway Lake

Causeway Lake, Sunset, Queensland, Australia

Last Light – Sunset at the Causeway Lake