88 Ryrie Street, Geelong

In 1900, William Leggo, began his association with the store at 88 Ryrie Street, Geelong.

This site had previously been owned by Thomas Barber Hunt whom, it appears, to have established the Australian Produce stores from this location before 1874. In 1911, William Leggo purchased the property from Thomas Hunt’s Estate.

In 1922, in anticipation of admitting his son James to entering a partnership with him, William Leggo engaged Geelong architects Laird and Buchan. They designed a new two storey brick shop with the name of the family business, W. Leggo & Son, Grocers, emblazoned on the building’s parapets.

Ironically, Leggo never operated his grocery from his new building. The business was sold to Robert Dawson and Arthur Skirrow. Leggo retained ownership of the building and it became widely known as Leggo’s Building.

W. Leggo & Son Grocers Building, Ryrie Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Source: About Corayo: A Thematic History of Greater Geelong


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