Kodak Gold

Recently, I bought myself a roll of Kodak Gold film for colour photos. I have never used this film before and at only AUD$6.99 a roll, I thought I would give it a go. I loaded it into my Kodak Retinette 1A rangefinder camera.

As I was waiting for the train to go home, with plenty of time on my hands, I walked outside the station and began snapping.

I must say that now I have seen the results of that first roll I will be buying more of it. I am most impressed with the colour saturation. The prints have reproduced the colours faithfully.

Bike Rack, Spencer Street, Melbourne
Bike Rack, Spencer Street, Melbourne

A few days later, after returning home, I went for a walk through the local Botanic Gardens. The following photo is one I took on this walk. The colours are fantastic!

Flower Bed, Botanic Gardens, Colac

I will be buying some more of this film in the future.

Please Note:
I am the copyright holder of all photographs that appear on this blog. Please respect my copyright.

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