The WOW Factor!

With over five decades of photography experience, which was self-taught, I have read in many books and magazines on the subject, about the wow factor.

The photograph that you look at and go “Wow! I like that!”

The master landscape photographer Ansel Adams said if you got 10 to 12 of these shots in a year you were doing well. In the days I used film, shooting 36 exposure rolls of Kodacolor film or Kodachrome slides, I was happy to get just one in a roll. Sometimes it was only one in four or five rolls. I was also told by other photographers I was lucky to get those results. So to take an image that says “Wow!” was a very elusive task.

The following image taken yesterday at the Colac Bird Reservation has that Wow factor! What do you think?

Black Swan

Black Swan

Please Note: All photographs appearing on my blog were taken by me. They are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. If you would like to purchase a print please contact me by leaving a comment below with your order and contact details. I will then get back to you.

Tip: One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given: Only ever show your best work.



6 thoughts on “The WOW Factor!

  1. I don’t think there’s ‘luck’ involved in many shots unless they are truly serendipitous. Getting the right shot is about choosing the right moment to press the shutter. Film was a great medium for promoting care and consideration in making photographs, it had a direct cost – especially larger formats. Nowadays, digital allows much more ‘perhaps it will be a good shot’- people often forget the time wasted trying to make something of a ‘perhaps’ digital image. I still shoot the occasional film and I find that this helps me with my digital image making choices – it slows me down…I’m not quite there yet but I’m getting there!
    It’s not something I do, but I wonder if it’s worth going through the images we’ve taken in a year and choosing the 10-12 best ones, irrespective of subject/location/etc. – then asking others which they think is the best of those.

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