Dabbling Ducks

Chestnut Teals (Anas castanea) are dabbling ducks.

They are native to Australia, and will be found in freshwater and saltwater wetlands. Chestnut Teals are omnivores and  feed on seeds, vegetation, molluscs and crustaceans.

Pair of Chestnut Teal.

Pair of Chestnut Teal.

The male has a reddish brown body with a shiny green head and neck, while the female body is a mottled brown. The body can be up to 50 centimetres long.

Dabbling for food.

Dabbling for food.

Chestnut Teals are not listed as endangered. They will form flocks in summer.

Tip: To tell a dabbling duck check its tail.

Female Chestnut Teal.

Female Chestnut Teal.

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