Feral Pigeon

The Rock Dove (Columba livia) is more commonly known as the Feral Pigeon here in Australia. It will be found mainly in urban areas living on city buildings and flocks of pigeons will be seen along the roadways and railway lines.

Rock Dove or Feral Pigeon

Rock Dove or Feral Pigeon

The plumage of the Feral Pigeon is variable but has a basic pattern of blue-grey with a glossy sheen on the neck. Its wings are black with a chequered pattern, or two black wing bars.

Rock Dove

Rock Dove

These birds grow to about 33 centimetres in size.

Rock Dove

Rock Dove

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2 thoughts on “Feral Pigeon

  1. Fred,
    A very nice choice of subject. For 12 years I managed real property in NY, NY. It is one of the most tightly built cities of them all. Every square foot counts. On the streets, millions of people walked, to their jobs, to their homes, to shop, tourists…. Flying and alighting amongst them, who knows how many “pigeons,” these very same birds that you beautifully share. For years, I marveled that I had never seen a single nest, or a single young chick? Once, I was meeting roofers on an East Village roof and looking down from that 5 story building’s roof! A nest! Twelve years later, I still had not seen a chick, because the nest I’d seen was … empty. Your images brought back this long forgotten puzzle = Millions of birds on that island (Manhattan), and never (almost) the sighting of a nest or a single chick.
    Australia, New York City, quite an adaptable bird.

    • Thanks Jeff. They are very adaptable, and every city in the world must have millions of these birds. Here where I live many of the pigeons nest inside the roof – they will find the smallest of cracks or holes in the roof to gain entry.

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