Grey Butcherbird

The Grey Butcherbird (Cracticus torquatus) is an Australian native bird up to 30 centimetres in length. The upper body is grey while the underparts are white. The face and top of the head is black.

They are carnivorous and feed on insects, reptiles, small rodents and small birds. Larger prey catches will be hung in tree forks to be left for later. This is how it got its name – like a butcher hanging meat on a hook. Also its beak has a little hook on the tip.

Grey Butcher - this looked as though it was not long out of the nest.

Grey Butcherbird – this one looked as though it was not long out of the nest.

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6 thoughts on “Grey Butcherbird

  1. One of my favourite Australian birds. I’ve had quite a few I’ve tamed to take meat pieces from my hand. I even had a couple that would serenade me by the front window. I (tell me if this is true) feel like I’ve noticed that they have different “songs” or calls in different parts of queensland. I’ve learned their call and repeated it to butchers from other parts and they’ve done completely different ones. I’m guessing some bird species do have the same call across the board and others vary?

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