The New Pier, Lorne

In 2007 the new pier at Lorne was opened, and I have heard it is a big hit with fishermen who gather at the end of it with their rods. The end has been designed with platforms where fisherman can dangle their lines and are clear of the pedestrians and sightseers. It is built of concrete and steel, and, in my opinion lacks soul.

The old one, which was over a hundred years old, was built from large timber poles and planks. It had character; like a wizened weather beaten old man with a face full of creases who keeps you enthralled with stories from times past. As I walked over the large planks with cracks that allowed me to see through to the waves below, I could feel the history this ancient structure exuded.

The New Pier at Lorne

The New Pier at Lorne


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