Over the past few months I have been looking at the work of photographers who live in the northern hemisphere and the images they have posted on-line of their autumn (fall). And I must admit I have been a little envious of their very colourful autumn pictures.

I have read how our early ancestors, having arrived in this strange far off land, bemoaned the fact that Australia does not really have seasons (as they did in Europe). Our trees do not change colour in autumn; they keep their leaves in winter! To fix this problem, many English Elm trees were planted in the streets of our towns. Parks were also planted with these English trees. Today many of these trees would be about 100 years old or more. They are battling old age and disease. They are the only trees to change colour in autumn and winter.

The following images were taken several years ago in a small town not far from where I live. They were taken on a cold but sunny winter’s day. They are about as close as I can get to simulating a northern hemisphere autumn.

PS: I must admit it is a bit hard to do a post like this today. We are definitely not cold here – we are expecting a top temperature of around 40 degrees celsius. Believe me it is very hot here!!

Street Scene, Camperdown

Street Scene, Camperdown

Street Scene

Street Scene #2, Camperdown – The streets are lined with English Elms planted by our ancestors

Street Scene

The historic Clock Tower with the Elm Tree-lined park


8 thoughts on “Winter

  1. We basically also only have two seasons, it’s winter one day and summer the next. These are all beautiful shots of what appears to be a very nice place, well done.

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