The Road I Walk

“I’m always mentally photographing everything as practice.” – Minor White (American Photographer: 1908 – 1976)

The images I am sharing with you today are the “mental photographs” I have taken while on my daily walk. It had been heavy overcast conditions and rained most of the day, but late in the afternoon the rain stopped and the sun burst through.

Farmland, Larpent, Victoria, Australia

Looking across the dairy farms of Larpent. In the distance is Larpent Hill.

Waterway, Larpent, Victoria, Australia

Waterway – This dam provides water for the farm.

Farmland, Larpent, Victoria, Australia

Pastures – Looking west

Farm Fence, Larpent, Victoria, Australia

Farm Fence – I was drawn to take this image by the light on the wire.

Trees, Irrewillipe, Victoria, Australia

Shelter Trees

The Road, Larpent, Victoria, Australia

Finally, this is the road that I walk.


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