Kangaroo Paws

Kangaroo Paws, genus Anigozanthos, occur naturally only in the south west of Western Australian.

There are eleven species of Kangaroo Paws, and some forms are the result of hybridisation. The colour of the flowers, which appear in spring and summer, vary between the species. Kangaroo Paws are very popular with gardeners and can be found in many suburban gardens particularly Australian Native Gardens. They attract nectar feeding birds and the pollen from the flowers is spread by them.

Kangaroo Paw, Anigozanthos

Kangaroo Paw, genus Anigozanthos – attracts nectar feeding birds to the garden

Kangaroo Paws, Anigozanthos

Kangaroo Paws, Anigozanthos – The fine hairs which cover the flowers and stalks determine the colour of the flowers


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